On our grand opening at chefs presentation section, will present and introduce to all of you, Liza Kermanidou, most probably the best Greek pastry chef, who is currently living in London. Liza is a creative, talented and professional chef with great experience in remarkable areas, unique technique and non-stop need for evolution.
Liza started her culinary studies at IEK Akmi in Greece and later on to French Bakery and Pastry Arts at Alain Ducasse Pastry School Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Pâtisserie, at Yssingeuax, France.
Her “career route” includes just one Greek restaurant, multi awarded though, unique and led by a great Greek Chef, Ettore Botrini, under the name of Etrusco, in Corfu island.
Her career abroad began at Munich in 2014 where she worked at restaurant Konstantin & Friends for less than a year. Then, she moved to La Guerite, Cannes for the summer season.
Being an inquisitive spirit, led her to move to London, where she actually lives till today. There, at capital of England, she initially worked as Pastry Chef de Partie at Roka restaurant, then she moved to Corinthia Hotel 5* and then at Hotel Café Royal 5* as a Junior Pastry Sous Chef for a couple of years. Then, she moved at famous Claridges Hotel 5* where she stayed for 8 months, till she return to Hotel Café Royal 5* for more than 2 years, as Pastry Sous Chef.
Since last September, she has taken over as Executive Pastry Chef in a quite interesting and new project in London, called Pantechnicon (, which combines Nordic & Japanese cuisine, with Liza being in charge of all pastry sections.
Finally, she created her own site, intended to present her successful creations, both in taste and view, which is unusual nowadays.
Follow Liza at social media for further updates.
Facebook: Liza Kermanidou
Instagram: kermanidouliza

Our first “trip” with Chefs worldwide begins with Chef Rafa Costa e Silva from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and his famous restaurant Lasai, the cosmopolitan restaurant as it’s called.

Lasai located in Botafogo, a neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, opened in 2014, means “tranquil” and based in an old Rio de Janeiro’s house with a modern, welcoming and informal atmosphere with elegance as well. Rafa Costa e Silva, considered one of the greatest Chefs of his generation and known for his haute cuisine using organic and fresh ingredients, providing a light, mature and sensual cuisine.

In 2015, with only one year of operation, Lasai won a Michelin Star and since that, it’s been listed among the best restaurants in the world and Latin America.
By using modern techniques and Brazilian inputs grown in his own kitchen gardens with more than 11,000 square meters and provided by small farmers in Rio de Janeiro, Rafa creates the dishes mostly with vegetables, but also with freshest sea products and good pieces of meat. Lasai’s kitchen gardens serve as inspiration for Rafa and his crew to create new dishes and concepts for the restaurant. The menu changes daily and is based on harvested products from their own kitchen garden and also on products from organic markets on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, such as the “Circuito Carioca de Feiras Organicas” [Rio de Janeiro’s Organic Products Circuit, in Portuguese]. Lasai’s crew goes on organic fairs three times a week searching for the best and freshest products.

Lasai is a restaurant with 40 dinings per night on average and all menu details are tested during the day between 10 cooks who work with Rafa Costa e Silva. The salon service is in charge of Malena and Zigor. The cocktail and wine menu is always changing, to offer new options to the customers.

The wine service, performed by Maira Freire, is focused on organic and biodynamic wines. The restaurant has won several awards for best service, including the “Art of Hospitality Award” – 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America and “Brigada de Ouro” [Golden Brigade] – Prazeres de Mesa Magazine [Pleasures of food, in Portuguese].
Another striking point in Lasai’s philosophy is by supporting local traders. Rafa Costa e Silva is a partner of several organic producers based in mountainous region outside the city of Rio de Janeiro. They are usually exchanging plant seeds and knowledge to develop new products for Lasai and also to help producers on increasing their income and product diversity.

Regarding Chef Rafa, as we already mentioned above, is an owner of a Michelin Star with Lasai. He began his career in 2003, at the Culinary Institute of America, in New York, where he lived and studied until 2007. At this time, he worked for Jean Georges and Rene Pujol. In 2007, Rafa went to Spain to work with Andoni Luis Aduriz, in his renowned restaurant Mugaritz for five years, which won the title of 3rd best restaurant in the world and remained among top seven restaurants on this ranking during his Chef’s performance. In 2014, back in Brazil, he opened Lasai and since 2015 the restaurant is been listed among the best restaurants in the world and Latin America.

By the year 2020, Chef Rafa Costa e Silva joined the reality show team Mestre do Sabor [Taste Master, in Portuguese] at TV Globo, to replace the Portuguese judge and Chef Jose Avillez, who had to return to Portugal due to the pandemic. His participation was known by sharing his knowledge in an objective, straightforward way, to value the perfect cooking techniques and the product quality.

Also, in the year 2020, by the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic and the quarantine period, Rafa launched Lasai Emporio, a delivery service that offers gastronomic kits with fresh, organic and sanitized ingredients measured to prepare all the restaurant dishes. By the social distancing need, this new service allows customers, in the comfort of their home, to enjoy some quality food made with grains, vegetables and organic ingredients, with all necessary instructions to the customer to finish the dish on his own and also to give their personal touch to the dish. Besides it, Lasai Emporio has emerged as a strong ally to encourage local traders and small producers, mostly affected by the pandemic crisis. To do this, the Emporium also offers a wide range of products, such as canned goods, spices and drinks, selected by Lasai’s crew and sourced from the restaurant’s partner producers and certificated traders.

Rafa Costa e Silva’s own kitchen gardens:
Vale das Videira’s kitchen garden:
• Lasai’s largest kitchen garden – Vale das Videiras is a city located about 2 hours from the city of Rio de Janeiro
• Is around 10,000 square meters
• Has more than 120 free-range chickens for the eggs
• Manure production by chickens to feed the garden soil
• All free-range chickens, living in an open space of 2,000 square meters, feed mainly on vegetables or leaves not used by the restaurant
• 2 people working in the kitchen garden every single day
• Chef Rafa often goes there to pick by himself some products and for planning the next plantings and harvests
• Still cant be classified as organic because the garden’s area has never been certified. However, they do not use any pesticides or remedies on soil or plants. The kitchen garden premise is to plant only products that cant find in the Rio de Janeiro’s Organic Products Circuit.

Rio de Janeiro’s kitchen garden:
• Is around 700 square meters, in the city of Rio de Janeiro
• Initially planned for potatoes and other experimental ingredients. They also have chickens to produce eggs and manure
• Was built right after Rafa moved back to Brazil. It was literally built by Rafa and his wife Malena, who is also his partner and Lasai’s maître.
Awards of Lasai and rafa Costa e Silva
• Best newcomer Chef – Veja Magazine “Eat & Drink” guide & Gula Magazine, 2014
• Best newcomer restaurant – O Globo newspaper “Rio Show” guide & “Agua na Boca” guide & Epoca magazine, 2014 & Quatro Rodas guide, 2015
• 7th prize in the Top 50 Restaurants in the world – News & Must see, Vogue Magazine, 2014
• Michelin Star (one star) / Michelin guide, 2015-2016-2017-2018-2019-2020
• 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America – 16th prize 2015, 18th prize 2016, 16th prize 2017, 26th prize 2018, 24th prize 2019, 21st prize 2020
• Best newcomer award – “Highest newcomer award” – 50 Bets Restaurants in Latin America, 2015
• Best restaurant and Chef of the year – O Globo newspaper, the two most important awards in Rio de Janeiro, 2015
• Chef of the year – Gula Magazine, 2015
• List of the 50 Best Restaurants in Brazil – Quatro Rodas guide, 2015
• Best restaurant – Epoqa Magazine, 2015-2016-2017
• “Restaurant wish list: 15 global eateries we ‘re dying to try in 2015” – CNN International Edition – “The 15 restaurants that should be tested in 2015”, CNN List
• The Diners Club, World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy – Global Selection – Global Academy list of the 50 Best Restaurants in the world
• The World’s 50 Best Restaurants – 64th prize 2016, 76th prize 2017, 100th prize 2018, 74th prize 2019
• Chef of the year & Best Contemporary Restaurant – O Globo newspaper “Rio Show” guide 2016
• “Academia Internationale de la Gastrnomie” as Prix au Chef de l’Avenir – International Gastronomy Academy for the “Best Newcomer Chef” award, 2016
• Brigada de Ouro – Mesa Magazine, Pleasure Guide 2016
• Chef of the year & Best Restaurant – O Globo newspaper “Agua na Boca” guide 2016
• Winner of the “World Luxury Restaurant Award Global Winners” 2017
• Best Chef of the year, 2017 and Best Restaurant of the year, 2017-2019 – O Globo newspaper “Rio Show” guide
• Chef of the year and Best Contemporary Restaurant – Epoqa Magazine, 2017
• “5 forks” – maximum prize in the guide – O Globo newspaper “Rio Show” guide 2017-2018-2019
• Best Contemporary Restaurant – Veja Magazine “Eat & Drink” guide, 2017
• Best Restaurant – O Globo newspaper ‘Agua na Boca” guide, 2018
• Chef of the year – Veja Magazine ‘”Eat & Drink” guide, 2018
• Part of the “Best Farmers” project – the ambassador of the world’s best food producer – Ambassador of the Best Farmers in the world, 2018
• Participated in the “Garden Chef” book – recipes and stories from the plant to the plate – published by Phaidon, 2019
• Named one of the 50 Best Newcomers by the Academy of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World – 50 Best Discovery by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, 2019
• Best Service in Latin America – The Art of Hospitality – ‘The Art of Hospitality Award” – 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America, 2019
• World’s Best Chef – The Best Chef Awards 2020 – from the popular vote, 2020
• 98th prize on Best Chefs in the World | The Best Chefs Award, 2020
• Among the 10 Best Restaurants in the World 2020 – according to Food & Drink Magazine and by the Gastronomic reviewer Besh Rodell, 2020
• Cozinhas do Proza’s Homage – creativity category, 2020

Follow Chef Rafa Costa e Silva at social media for further updates.

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Adam Byatt – Chef, Restaurateur, Food Writer, TV presenter & Mentor

Today we are very happy to present here, at, Adam Byatt from UK. Adam is not just a multi awarded and famous Chef, is a person that loves and serves dining and hospitality with passion and innovation for many years in a holistic approach, as you can see above.
Of his restaurants, Adam describes, “I like to think of Trinity as the restaurant for special occasions and celebrations, while Upstairs is the kind of casual food that I like to eat and Bistro Union as an extension of the food that I cook at home. Each of the three experiences offers something personal to our guests, albeit in different ways”.
On the eve of his 16th birthday, Adam was introduced to the Savoy Education Trust who in turn offered him a placement as an apprentice chef at Claridge’s Hotel.
After 3 months, Adam started college at Bournemouth via an opportunity with the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and a scholarship with Claridge’s. Over the next 4½ years he spent time between Claridge’s and Bournemouth improving his skills and qualifying as a professional Chef.
He then moved with the head Chef John Williams from Claridge’s to the Berkeley Hotel before joining Phillip Howard at the prestigious The Square restaurant in Mayfair during which time The Square was awarded their second Michelin Star and Adam was appointed Sous Chef.
In 2001, Adam opened his first restaurant – Thyme in Clapham. Thyme was an instant success winning countless awards, including “Time Out Restaurant of the Year 2003”, “Best Newcomer Tatler Restaurant Awards 2003”, “Winner Remy Restaurants Awards 2004”, “Winner Carlton London Restaurant of the Year” in conjunction with the Evening Standard. In 2006 he returned to his heartland of Clapham and took the prominent site within Clapham Old Town and launched Trinity.
Since its opening in 2006, Trinity has won a coveted Michelin Star, “Time Out” best new restaurant, the AA’s prestigious “London Restaurant of the Year” as well as holding three AA rosettes for 10 years, Trinity was voted in the top ten restaurants in London by both Hardens and Zagat in both 2010 and 2011 and has been in listed the Times top 100 Restaurants in the UK for the past four years. It is regarded as “as close to an absolutely perfect experience if eating out as it is possible to have” – Giles Coren, The Times.
In 2012, Adam opened a sister restaurant to Trinity in Clapham: Bistro Union is a quintessentially British Bistro, providing all-day experience in a relaxed environment. Bistro Union held a coveted Bib Gourmand since 2010.
In 2015, Adam oversaw the extensive refurbishment of Trinity, including a new dining room on the first floor of the restaurant, Upstairs, providing contemporary, relaxed dining. Meanwhile, Trinity has continued its neighbourhood fine-dining experience in a more stylish setting.
In 2016, Trinity was the proud recipient of its first Michelin Star, while Upstairs received a coveted Bib Gourmand, awarded by the Michelin Guide, just one month short of its first-year anniversary.
Adam has since taken the title of Food and Beverage Director at Browns Hotel in Mayfair, opening Charlie’s at Browns in 2019.
Adam has been accepted as in invested member of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and recently hosted His Royal Highness at Trinity for the celebration of RACA 40TH anniversary.
TV & Radio work
• Fourteen appearances on Saturday Kitchen Co-hosted Healthy Appetite 2018 for RTE1 (Mind the Gap Films Ltd)
• Market Kitchen
• Four appearances Ch4’s Drop Down Menu
• Rachel Allen: Home Cooking
• Sky News
• BBC News
• Celebrity Masterchef
• Great British Menu Competitor 2014
• Share Radio 2016

Books / Writing
• How to Eat in, published by Random House, 2010
• Southwest Resident Magazine Monthly contributor
• Bartlett Mitchell monthly blog contributor
• Spoon Cookbook recipe contributor
• Great British Chefs recipe contributor

Charity Work
• Patron and key sponsor for Man & Boy charity
• Royal Academy of Culinary Arts – Adam is judge for their Awards of excellence
• Action Against Hunger
• Young Chef Young Writer, runner up 1998, Judge 2005-2010
• Chef Adopt a School with Academy of Culinary Arts
• Created Charity dinner for DEBRA
• Created Charity Dinner for National Restaurateurs Dinner 2008
• Leuka “Who’s Cooking Dinner” 2017, 2018
• The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust Charitable Dinner
• Alex Lewis Trust

Other Cooking Projects / Ambassadorial work
• Bartlett Mitchell chef consultant
• Ambassador for Attilus Caviar
• Ambassador for Ondine cookware
• Ambassador for MAC Knives
• Ambassador for Bragard
• Ambassador for Maldon Salt
• Goodfellows at home range
• Ambassador for Islands Chocolate
• The White Plate Project
• Pret a Diner
• Trinity at Home – Outdoor Catering
• Divertimenti
• GREAT Campaign – Adam travelled to Hong Kong to promote British Food
• Morocco – Adam recently travelled to Morocco to promote British Food
• Ambassador for Narfissa, Moroccan Olive Oil

Personal Passions
• Gardening in his home in Ashburnham, Sussex, where he grows his own produce for cooking
• Outdoor pursuits, Fishing, Hunting, Skiing
• Cooking with his 2 children Jack and Rosie
• Travelling to experience foreign foods and cultures
• Food Writing
• Enjoying fine wines to accompany delicious home cooked food

“Personally, I think Adam is one of the great talents of London. He’s naturally very gifted guy and has fantastic classical training. Yet, he’s young enough to have a desire to play with the new wizardry. His food is fun. It’s modern and completely up to date. He deserves real success”.
-Phillip Howard, chef and owner of Elystan Street Restaurant, former owner of The Square, Mayfair

Adam Byatt’s three favorite cookbooks are:
• Forgotten cookery skills by Darina Allen
• The Square Phil Howard
• The sportsman cookbook by Stephen Harris

Follow Chef Adam Byatt at social media for further updates.
Instagram:  /


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Today, we are very happy, pleased and honored to announce the presentation of Chef Thomas Buhner, owner of 3 Michelin Stars at! Chef Buhner is a remarkable and gifted Chef with plenty achievements in his career path. You can learn everything about him and also find one of his signature recipes at our recipes section at the website.
Thomas Buhner has been a member of the League of German Top Chefs for more than 20 years. Born in Riesenbeck in 1962, the son of a housewife and a commercial clerk made his first experiences in the catering business in the grandmother’s farm: there was always a slice of fresh brown bread with butter and Westphalian ham, while in the late evening the rattling of the kitchen and the Tuning the pub served as a bedtime backdrop. And yet the young stage musician did not know for a long time how to go on after work. While his twin brother turned to carpentry, a job satisfaction test at the job center made it clear: chef, baker of farmer were available to choose from. The decision fell on the profession of the chefand even then Buhner announced to his parents: “If I am already a chef, then I will be a good one” – a principle on which he holds to this day.
Chef Buhner graduated from the Swiss House in Paderborn. This was followed by stops with Gunter Scherrer at the Dusseldorf Hilton, at Landhaus Scherrer in Hamburg as well as in the restaurant Grand Cru in Lippstadt and the restaurant Jorg Muller in Westerland on Sylt. In 1989 Buhner finally went to Harald Wohlfahrt as chief de partie in the Schwarzwaldstube to Baiersbronn. For him, one of the most important stations, because with Wohlfahrt fascinated him next to the indispensable for his profession discipline and constancy, above all, the down-to-earthness and humanity that the patron his employees daily lived. Best conditions to take over the position of chef in the restaurant La Table in Dortmund in 1991. Five years later he was awarded the first Michelin Star, followed in 1998 by the second. The Gault & Millau named Buhner “the climber of the year” in 2001 and “chef of the year” just five years later.
From April 2006 to July 2008, Chef Buhner was managing director and Chef at Restaurant La Vie in Osnabruck. During this time he was also a “Grand Chef” at Relais & Chateau from 2009 on. In addition, La Vie has been a member of “Les Grandes Tables du Monde” since the beginning of 2010. The restaurant was awarded 19 points in the Gault & Millau and three Michelin Stars, as well as highest marks in all other German restaurant guides. In summer 2018, the restaurant was closed.
Since its closure, Chef Buhner has been active as a guest Chef, keynote speaker and consultant for gastronomic concepts and food producers worldwide. In Valencia, for example, he spoke at the Gastronoma Valencia about some of his signature dishes and the experiences of the past months. In Amsterdam, he presented his ideas for the reduction of sugar in food to European journalists and scientists in collaboration with Givaudan. In China, he was active as a guest Chef for the Ritz-Carlton and in Gutersloh he developed a concept with a local restaurateur for a new restaurant with down-to-earth Westphalian cuisine. In the end it is this diversity that excites the top chef so much. Whether it’s a gourmet restaurant or inn, food producer or hotel business – there are no restrictions for Thomas Buhner. Important to him is the dialogue at eye level and an exciting project.

• 1st Michelin Star – 1996
• 2nd Michelin Star – 1998
• Newcomer of the year, Gault & Millau – 2001
• Chef of the year, Aral Schlemmer Atlas – 2004
• Chef of the year, Bertelsmann Restaurant & Hotel Guide – 2004
• Chef of the year, Gault & Millau – 2006
• Chef of the year, Feinschmecker – 2007
• Grand Chef at prestigious association Relais et Chateau
• Chef of the year, Diners Club Magazine
• 3rd Michelin Star
• Chef of the year, Feinschmecker – 2012
• No 22 on the Opiniated about Dining List, Europe – 2014
• Four Magazin World Best #7 – 2014
• Chefs Trophy Relais & Chateau – 2017/2018
• OAD Top 100+ European Restaurants (Rank 24) – 2018

Thomas Buhner’s three favorite cookbooks are:
• Herings Lexikon der Kuche
• el Bulli 2005-2011
• All the “Journal Culinaire. Kultur und Wissenschaft des Essens”

Follow Chef Thomas Buhner at social media for further updates.

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Nomad Chef

We are so pleased and happy to present Andreas Lagos to! Andreas is a very capable Chef, with many experiences from around the globe, with many important and remarkable “synergies” – like he refers to them at his website – with a unique cooking philosophy that we respect and being jealous of it. Humble, communicative, with numerous cooking ideas, he will make you through his view and philosophy to love cooking and Greek food even more.

He was born on the island of Samos and was raised in the fields and gardens of his home village. His life as a child has deeply influenced his adult life. Inspiring memories come to mind every time he gets the chance to use and appreciate the pure Greek products, vegetables, fruits and herbs. He always wanted to be close to the pot whenever something was boiling, or near the heated oven, to watch the pasta being cooked or to observe how the cake becomes gold inside the warm embrace of the oven.

He cooks as long as he can remember himself!
He studied cooking and pastry at Le Monde Culinary Institute in Athens. Early on, during the first year of his studies, he interned at the five-star Doryssa Seaside Resort in Samos. There, he learned that when you work you make mistakes, a life lesson that he tries to pass on to his team every time he works at a kitchen.

At the age of 19, he won a gold medal at the pan-European contest for Mediterranean cooking in Crete. His collaboration with the multi awarded, pioneering restaurant Aristera-Dexia in Athens boosted his career and paved the way for him to work at top-level restaurants.
He always wanted to know what happens when a dish leaves his kitchen and arrives at the table, what are the thoughts, feelings and reactions of those enjoying it. He decided then to cooperate with a private chef service company. Catering for a discerning clientele, creating personalized menus, but also organizing BBQ parties, cooking lessons or even live cooking events inspired his Nomad philosophy to which he aspires since then.

By the early 2010s, he was making his mark on Greek television, being the co-presenter of the popular TV show, Chef on air. His goal was to make viewers become more culinary adventurous giving emphasis on ingredients and traditional recipes.

He believes that food is for sharing and has to do with communication and pleasure. My mum and grandma taught me everything I know about food and cooking. The beauty of old traditional values, of pure and natural ingredients, is all that matters to me.

Something deep inside prompts me to express how I came to know and love cooking, to share the inspirations that led me to create flavors drawn from classic recipes, to convey the philosophy and rituals of my own cuisine, to reaffirm that authentic food brings back memories and experiences that please the eyes and delight the soul.

My career took a slight turn in my early 30s, which saw me stepping out of restaurants’ kitchens in order to promote my own food and cooking philosophy and reach a wider audience through consulting, various media platforms and publications. Unique opportunities knocked to share my philosophy in the United States, Canada, UK and France through synergies with excellent professionals and entrepreneurs.

He believes that upbringing defines our personality, Ι still live the same way, with the same passion, tenacity and zeal I had as a child. Besides, I am a firm believer in “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.”
The term Nomad, as I perceive, experience and use it in my kitchen, is the ability to blend various elements, spaces, situations and concerns with harmony, creating unique experiences. Nomad is taking me outside the confines of a restaurant’s kitchen. It allows me to travel, “enter homes” and create gastronomic moments, to communicate the philosophy of cooking to the ones who are searching for it and to enjoy it with them, to get inspired by a piece of art, to write about cooking, to look for the unexpected… A chef should offer distinct tastes, free of redundant ingredients. Simplicity, respect to primal elements and the use of seasonal ingredients – the ultimate gift of nature – should always be a priority.

My own recipe, an idea molded with sounds, spelled with the hands, vocalized with scents, conveyed with words, that pleases the eyes and rejoices the soul…
Andreas offers the following services:
• Food service & Restaurant Consulting
• Food Industry Consulting
• Personal Chef Services
• Catering
Andreas interesting “synergies” are:
• Canal Café, Athens
• Cherchez La Femme, Athens
• Exomeria, Tinos
• Il Barreto, Athens
• IT, Athens
• Just Made, Athens
• Clove Mediterranean Kitchen, Miami USA
• Nostos, Washington USA
Andreas partners:
• Beki Siahou
• Ilias Stavropoulos
• Akis Varthalamis
• Marietta Vidali
Andreas has created his website, which merchandise some unique Greek products, under the name tagathon.
His professional experience makes it an honor and a duty for him to promote Greek products of the highest quality and share this very vision with the most acclaimed producers. Their common goal is to bring Greek products close to those who wish to taste them, in their ideal version.

The raw material itself taught me what Love is and this Love serves as a motive for me to support Greek Products, the Epicurean “Agathon” that means longing for travel, inspiration, exploration, healthy eating and special, pure taste. Love for creation, passion for Greece.

TAGAΘON means Greece. A trip down memory lane, time, pleasure, joy, well-being and bliss. Each choice initiates you into a process of rooting for Greece and getting to know its unique nature as well as the work of its people.
TAGATHON is an invitation, sent from me to all of you: Let us all give the Greek products the exact place they deserve. A place at the top.

Andreas 3 favorite cookbooks are:
• Matt Moran
• Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine HC
• Peter Gilmore: Food Inspired by Nature – QUAY
and of course his own cookbook
• Andreas Lagos – Oi gefseis pou megalosame
Thomas Buhner’s three favorite cookbooks are:
• Herings Lexikon der Kuche
• el Bulli 2005-2011
• All the “Journal Culinaire. Kultur und Wissenschaft des Essens”

Follow Andreas Lagos at social media for further updates:
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Πηγή: /

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We are very pleased and happy to host here, at, Giannis Parikos, a successful, multi-awarded and sensational Chef. Based on many years of knowing each other, we can describe Giannis as follows: “Giannis is a combination of professionalism, love and knowledge for his job and a unique character full of kindness, respect and unconditional love for his family”.

Giannis begun his “gastronomical journey” being inspired by two amazing female cooks, his mother and his grandmother, where next to them “soaked” numerous secrets! He grew up in a village next to the sea, “Glyfa”, where his daily routine was among fishermen and olive farmers that gave him all first pictures and memories. Aromas and flavors from fresh olive oil, thyme, oregano and sage were around him every day and he was helping his family that till today merchandise olive farms. Memories from cooking, smells of wooden oven and boiling pots and the main position that food had at his home, were his guide to the dream, that became a well thought choice. Sources of his inspirations were based on childhood memories and on journeys when he grew up. His “know how” consists of many experiences through many collaborations and non-stop seeking for knowledge.

Since he graduated, his first job was at “Varoulko” that included at the best restaurants in Greece, so he gained great background there. After that, he worked at “Spondi” that considered as a restaurant-school for the new generation of all cooks. His restless spirit lead him to travel, in order to expand his knowledge and experiences and he found himself working at Epicure Restaurant, awarded with three ***Michelin Stars at Hotel Bristol in Paris, next to famous Chef Eric Frechon. Then, he continued at two **Michelin Stars Restaurant, Sea Grill at Brussels, next to Yves Mattagne. Later on, he returned to Greece, where he worked to very successful and multi-awarded restaurants, such as “Hytra” at 2009-2010, gaining 1 *Michelin Star, Water Restaurant of Sani Asterias Suites, Life Gallery Restaurant, Cash Restaurant and returned to “Varoulko” with one *Michelin Star and more..

He has been awarded with Golden Hat from 2007 till 2019 and last two years he has been awarded with “Best Greek Cuisine” award. Today, his modern cooking takes place at Kooc Restaurant at Costa Navarino, where is Chef and he continues with passion and love to serve culinary art in many concepts and consults.

His culinary principles are a blend of creative Mediterranean cuisine with influences from classic French, always with respect to the balance between flavor and image.

Follow Giannis Parikos at social media for further updates:



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Greg Malouf is now at! Awarded with 1 *Michelin Star and with unique influence and impact to Australia dining and Middle Eastern Cuisine, the co-writer of numerous books, in a presentation of his achievements and career. Hamble, with extraordinary taste and flavors, unique dishes presentations, left his mark worldwide with his Middle Eastern twist.

“ In the past decade, no other chef has exerted such a singular, widespread and identifiable culinary influence on any Australian city.”
Ms. C Ripe, The Australian

Greg Malouf has inspired a generation of young chefs and transformed the Australian and international restaurant scene with his love for the flavours of the Middle East and North Africa. He was born in Melbourne, Australia of Lebanese parents. After serving his formal apprenticeship in several of Australia’s finest restaurants, he went on to work in France, Italy, Austria and Hong Kong. Drawing on his cultural heritage and European training, Greg has forged a unique style of cooking that combines Middle Eastern
tradition with contemporary flair. Greg is in constant demand around Australia and abroad for chef master classes, pop up events, media interviews, and guest-chef appearances in leading hotels of the world.

Then Greg finally moved to London in February 2012 enticed by the offer of taking over the reins at iconic Petersham Nurseries Cafe, Richmond. Since his arrival, he has quietly created a new menu, which still adheres to the restaurant’s focus on seasonal dining and finest quality ingredients, but at the same time he has steadfastly built in his own Middle Eastern twist. His new menus have already garnered the kind of praise from the British press that most restaurants would die for, and Petersham’s faith in Greg is being rewarded daily.

Greg’s interpretation of Middle Eastern food was finally rewarded towards the end of 2012 with a Michelin star.

He moved to Dubai from London to head the kitchen and cuisine at the acclaimed Cle Dubai and Zaira at the H hotel.

He currently has set up a hospitality consultancy/events business consulting on projects throughout the Middle east and beyond.

He is the co-author, with his former wife Lucy Malouf on 7 multi-award-winning cookbooks: Arabesque, Moorish, Saha, Turquoise, Saraban, Malouf – New Middle Eastern food, New Feast – Modern Middle Eastern Vegetarian. Suqar, a book of desserts and sweets from the Middle East, published in November 2018 won the prestigious James Beard award for best bakery and dessert book.

Each has been widely acclaimed and praised for showcasing the traditional ingredients and dishes of the region while also offering a window on Greg’s unique modern Middle Eastern cuisine.


His reputation for innovative contemporary Middle Eastern food is cemented in Melbourne (O’Connell’s Hotel and MoMo Restaurant) and under his leadership the restaurant becomes a culinary icon, winning numerous awards and great respect from critics and diners. It is the first Middle Eastern restaurant to be awarded a ‘hat’ in The Age Good Food Guide (industry awards, the equivalent of a Michelin guide) he continued this achievement for seven consecutive years. From there he was awarded 2 hats (out of 3) for 3 consecutive years.

As well as earning a Michelin star in England, Richmond (Petersham Nursery) on his ground breaking cuisine Greg was honored as ‘Ambassador’ by The American University in Beirut at their inaugural awards ceremony for his achievements in promoting Lebanese cuisine around the world.

“The next day’s hangover morphed quickly to pleasure at MoMo, in a gorgeously decorated cellar. … Chef Greg Malouf is a Melbourne native of Lebanese parentage who, has, for more than a decade, created his own contemporary Middle Eastern cuisine.… The desserts in particular deserve a mention: I had a sampler of rose-petal Turkish delight brûlée, muhallabeya (Lebanese milk pudding with Syrian apricot and sesame
citrus biscuits), and pear baklava with dates and ginger ice cream—a new spectrum of subtle, perfumy flavours.”
—Anthony Bourdain, American Gourmet

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Knowing Chrysanthos Karamolegkos for over 15 years, we have realized what means creativity and flavor. Being one of the most influent Greek Chefs, Chrysanthos Karamolegkos left his mark at Greek gastronomy scene with dishes, restaurants and collaborations that created trends and showed pioneership. We are under real honor and respect to present Chrysanthos Karamolegkos at«Cooking is a kind of psychoanalysis – you try to forget, to calm down, to lighten and downspouts your inspiration in beautiful and creative dishes»

He was born in Athens and grew up in Patission Street. The first stimulus about cooking he got from his parents originally from Santorini and his grandmother from Istanbul. He studied at the school of tourism of Anavyssos. Although he had decided that in his life he will deal with cooking, before
he ends up there, he did many other jobs. However, nothing of what he had deal with couldn’t fill the meaning of his life. And so he decided that he will continue doing what he loves and what he does
best – «He decided to cook». He worked at Ledra Marriott Hotels and Atheneum Intercontinental in Athens. He had cooperation with restaurants Actuel and Kallisti in Athens as well as with Selene and Alexandria in Santorini.

As he had already mentioned, his parents had origin from Santorini. On the island, his father owned a factory producing tomato paste so most summers of his childhood spent there. He had many idols but most of all he admired grannies living on islands. The way they cooked and how they handled all ingredients with food economy – that was for me the greatest experience.

In the 1991, in the area where we had the factory he created together with Georgia Papaioannou their own restaurant called «Ntomata» which was awarded the 2004 as one of the 25 best restaurants in Europe by Financial Times (Nicholas Lander). It was summers which won’t ever fade from their memories.

In the 1995, they opened «Vitrina», the first restaurant in historic and rapidly growing neighborhood of Psirii. «Vitrina» was awarded to the top 5 of the best restaurants in Athens from ATHINORAMA magazine and he got the award – the best new Chef. Also, «Vitrina» was mentioned in New York Times specials, Bon Appetit and Greek magazines.
In the 1998, they opened «Aristera Dexia», a marvellous restaurant in the area of Rouf. That time it was the only Greek restaurant you could find in ZAGAT GUIDE, awarded by the MICHELINE GUIDE as the restaurant with the best quality-price ratio in Greece. Also, it was awarded by ATHINORAMA magazine as one of the 5 best restaurants in Greece and for the best wine list in the last 5 years. That period of time he got the award by STATUS magazine – the Chef of the year (for 2 following years). In the 2002, he decided to make a new step in his career. Together with the team of «Aristera Dexia» restaurant, they created a new modern tavern in the external space of «Aristera Dexia» restaurant itself, which was formed according to accept the creation of «Apla Aristera Dexia» restaurant.

In the 2003, during the autumn season, they opened «Apla» restaurant in the area of Nea Erythraia. Every single year they were awarded by ATHINORAMA magazine as one of the 10 best restaurants in Greece and additionally in 2007, once again, «Apla» restaurant was located in the ZAGAT GUIDE.
In the 2004, during the spring season, they moved «Ntomata» restaurant in SANI RESORT in Chalkidiki, where you can still find them up to now. «Ntomata» restaurant as well is getting regularly each year the award by ATHINORAMA magazine as one of the best restaurants in Greece.
From 2007 until today, they are engaged in consultancy in the field of gastronomy in different places.

From 2016 till 2020, he took over restaurant «Barbouni» in COSTA NAVARINO RESORT and this year 2021, he opened his own restaurant Anama in Gialova in Messinia with all-time classic and modern dishes of Chrysanthos to be there.

Every time he cooks, he is trying to combine traditional Greek recipes with flavours and ingredients from all over the world. Unfortunately, in our world, the cooking has become
fashion – a fashion that is complicated, a fashion that tries to impress, a fashion that forgets the Greek products, a fashion where is missing emotions and feelings for the food. And so one of his dreams is to create a new, completely indifferent space where people will come because «they just like the food».

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It is a big joy and honor to host Alexandros Tsiotinis at! One of the new generation Greek Chefs that they hold the scepters of Greek gastronomy scene high. Alex is a very approachable Chef, sociable, extremely talented and creative. A Chef that as soon as Michelin Guide arrives to Greece, he will be one of those few to earn the prestigious star(s).
Alexandros Tsiotinis is the Chef and Owner of CTC restaurant. He was born and grew up in Athens. His love for gastronomy led him to Palmier Academy. At the same time with his education, he started as an intern at “Hytra” Restaurant. His professional career starts from early stage to some of the most acknowledged restaurants worldwide, next to “titans” of global gastronomy scene.
He was working as a cook at Epicure 3* Michelin, Arpege 3* Michelin, Astrance 3* Michelin, next to his “big teachers and mentors” as he used to call them, with global recognition, like Alain Passard, Helenne Darroze, Eric Frechon and Pascal Barbot. On the side of those Chefs, he gained love for the ingredients, passion for perfection and enthusiasm regarding creativity that cooking can provide.
He returned to Greece in 2010 and took over restaurant “Perivoli” in Santorini and later on he became Executive Chef of Elounda Peninsula Hotel at Crete for 3 years. At 2012 he won his first Golden Hat award for restaurant “Calypso”. At 2015, he awarded 1st place for Mediterranean Area at international competition S.Pellegrino Young Chef of the Year, with his dish “Greek Roots”. This dish captured a fallen and broken flower pot from carob, filled with all Greek Cuisine’s herbs and flavors. Chef presented the dish to the judges by sharing to each one of them in their native language, the translation of “Mikros Nautilos” of famous Greek Poet Odysseas Ellytis and in the end he revealed to the judges that this paper that they were holding, could actually been tasted and reveal the first Greek aroma, which is “Masticha”.
2015 might have been the most important year for him, by making true his first “child”, CTC Restaurant, which overturned the view of Greek gastronomy scene so far. He doesn’t provide a menu to his visitors and he requests from them to just to choose between 3-6 or 9 courses and let him do the rest. At the same time he creates Rolling Stove in many sections and areas of apply, such as consulting, private dining, events and masterclasses, transmitting his knowledge, enthusiasm and inspiration.
Alexandros likes to equalize cooking with painting. He loves colors, and he defines an empty plate as a white canvas, which awaits to fulfill with his genius outcomes and creativity. Chef aims to invite and challenge his guests (he prefers to call them guest than clients), to a gastronomical journey, where aromas, textures and flavors changed between each other in harmony.

2007: Gold medal at 3rd international Forum of Gastronomy from Chefs Club Greece
2012: Golden Hat award for Calypso Restaurant
2013: Golden Hat award for Calypso Restaurant
2014: Golden Hat award for Calypso Restaurant
2015: 1st place for Mediterranean Area according to international competition SPYC
2016: Golden Hat award for CTC Restaurant
2016: 2* from FNL guide
2017: Golden Hat award for CTC Restaurant
2017: Golden Hat award for consulting of Rolling Stove at Selini Restaurant, Santorini
2017: Best Greek Cuisine award for Restaurant Selini, Santorini
2017: 2* from FNL guide
2018: Golden Hat award for CTC Restaurant
2018: 2* from FNL guide
2019: Golden Hat award for CTC Restaurant

Alexandro’s 3 favorite cookbooks are :
1. On food and Cooking – Harold McGee
2. Cuisine sous vide
3. The flavor bible – Karen Page & Andrew Dornenburg

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You Tube Channel: Alex Tsiotinis

Sokratis Leivadas is now at! Sokratis is the Executive Chef of awarded 5stars hotel Sani Club at Kassandra, Chalkidiki. His main characteristic is his calmness, which, among his exceptional culinary skills and never ending seeking for knowledge and updates, provides him with a unique cooking identity and a professional, creative and tasteful outcome.

Sokratis was borned in Athens and he realized from his childhood that he wanted become a cook. As soon as he finished high school, he registered at LE MONDE culinary school in Athens, in order to study cooking and gastronomy.

At the same time, he was occupied at Platis Catering in Athens for 4 years as a part time job and got his first taste of kitchens and cooking. The same period of studying and attending classes at LE MONDE, Sokratis was also working at restaurant Delfino. After, he worked at LA PASTERIA , where he met Italian cuisine.

Since his education was over, Sokratis worked, among Chef Dimitris Katsanos, at Nabucco, Ekali, Athens and later on at Patron, Neo Psychiko, Athens. Summers, during these periods, he was down to Crete for seasonal work at 5stars hotel Domes of Elounda, where, under Stefanos Kolymadis supervision, took over the main kitchen’s shift leadership.

Winter of 2011-2012, he tries his luck abroad, where he worked at The Club at The Ivy in London, where Head Chef was Jamie Dobbin. He stayed there for half a year and then he moved for half a year also, at Bar Bouloud, in famous Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park, London. There he worked under Chef Dean Yasharian and Daniel Bouloud.

Since he returned from England , Sokratis took over as Sous Chef at the restaurant Cabana of Sani Resort, with Thanos Kappas as Executive Chef. His job and his successful outcome, made him Head Chef of the restaurant, where he remained for 4 years in a row.

Afterwards, he has been proposed as Executive Chef of the Sani Club. He accepted the challenge and he manages till present day all restaurants of the hotel. The exceptional comments and feedback from guests and colleagues regarding his professionalism, his character and his creativity and taste, provide a picture of his professional outcome.

Sokratis, among others, has travelled a lot, in order to be able to extend his knowledge and his experience, by making stage at OX Restaurant in Belfast, Ireland, that belongs to Chef Stephen Toman, with 1* Michelin Star and to L’Enclume Restaurant in England, that belongs to Simon Rogan with 2** Michelin Stars.

He also participated to many gastronomy events, such as Domes of Elounda Gourmet Festival and famous Sani Gourmet Festival.

Sokrati’s 3 favorite cookbooks are :
1. Eleven Madison Park – Daniel Humm
2. Pollen Street – Jason Atherton
3. Simon Rogan

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We are so happy and honored to present Chef Christoffer Norton at! Seasonality and local ingredients are the main characteristics of his cuisine, awarded with 1* Michelin Star, he creartes dishes with imagination, full of taste and amazing set up. Chef Norton is the Head Chef and owner of Restaurant Domestic at Aarhus, Denmark.

He made his first steps in Molskroen as an intern. At 2009, he worked as a Sous Chef at Kellers Park in Denmark and the next year he returns to Molskroen as a Sous Chef, where in 2011 he took over as a Head Chef.

At 2012, he took over as a Head Chef at Castenskiold, Denmark, where he remained for 3 years, till he decide to make the big step, by opening his own restaurant, Domestic, in Aarhus, Denmark, where he is still the Head Chef.

At 2017, he received his first Michelin Star, where he still owns, till present day. The same year, he also received the award of European Young Chef of the year, by both Michelin Guide & S.Pellegrino.

At 2021, he receives the Michelin Green Clover, which points out restaurants that rely on sustainability and environmental practices.

At his restaurant, Domestic, he uses only local ingredients from small suppliers and he follows the seasons strictly all year around. That means you won’t find any vanilla, lemons or chocolate in his kitchen. Th season in Denmark is very diverse, so they have be creative in the cold and dark periods. So doing summer times, they gather a lot of extra products from their farmers and from the wild, in order to preserve for winter time.

In the beginning of 2021, Christoffer and his team open a food lab (domestic.Lab) where they have one of the co-owners working full time to focus and dive even deeper into the world of fermentation and work with new and old fermentation techniques. There, at the food lab, they make their own Kombucha, Miso, Koji and Garum (old Greek recipe for fish sauce) among a lot of other things. With the foold lab, they also try to minimize food waste from the kitchen, with these same techniques and experimentations.

They also brew their own beer which they serve for their guests in the restaurant. Basically, Christoffer and his team, love to explore what their region can provide and see if they can elevate it even further, with the right and appropriate knowledge applied.

The three favorite Christoffer’s cookbooks are:
1. Noma (time and place in Nordic Cuisine) – Rene Redzepi
This book was sort of a Bible for him as a young Chef and gave him lot of inspiration and motivation to pursue the Nordic Kitchen philosophy.

2. Faviken – Magnus Nilsson
Magnus Nilsson really taught him the importance of quality products and how to cook dishes that look fairly simple on the surfaces but in general requires a lot of knowledge and techniques to master.
3. Tartine Bread – Chad Robertson
Chad Robertson is just a king of bread and he really opened his eyes for how important fermentation in bread is.

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Chef Manjunath Mural is the first Indian Executive chef to score a Michelin star for an Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia.

As Executive Chef of Song of India, a modern Indian restaurant that features regional flavours across India, he was recognised for his decades of hard work in 2016 when the restaurant was awarded one Michelin star in Singapore.

In 2017, he once again led his team at The Song of India to garner a Michelin star – still the only Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia to have the honour.

This award also fulfills Chef Mural’s lifelong dream and vision to present Indian cuisine at its pinnacle on an international level, where it can be understood, accepted and respected on the same platform as haute French cuisine.

He shares, “Indian cuisine has a depth of history, tradition, ingredients and techniques, yet it is still considered ‘niche and often kept to the ‘family-restaurant’ in many parts of the world. I have often asked myself why. My dream is to share my style in presenting Indian cuisine in a way which is relevant to the diners across the world, and haute Indian cuisine will one day be as accepted as haute French dining. Earning a Michelin star is just one way of working towards this dream.”

• At 2005, we earns his first Michelin star as a Head Chef of restaurant Song of India, Singapore
• At 2005, he was awarded in Singapore, as one of the 20 best Indian Chefs
• At the same year, he was participated as a guest Chef at gastronomical event Savour in Sanghai, China
• At 2016, he participated as Guest Chef at Italian Cuisine Summit in Dubai, at restaurant Roberto’s, along chef Enrico Bartolini, owner of 2** Michelin Stars
• At the same year he participated at gastronomical event Savour at Zhuhai, China
• At 2017, he was awarded once again rom Michelin guide, maintaninig his Michelin Star for restaurant Song of India, Singapore
• At 2017, he participated as a Guest Chef at Ubud Food Festival, at restaurant Mosaic
• At the same year he was Guest Chef at Skye Rooftop Restaurant & Bar at Jakarta
• At 2018, he was awarded, once again from Michelin guide, maintaining his star for Song of India restaurant, Singapore
• At 2018, he opens restaurant Heritij, at Brisbane, Australia
• At the same year he takes over the restaurant Kokum, at Brisbane, Australia, into hotel Palazzo Versace
• At 2019, for fourth consecutive year, he maintains hia Michelin Star for the restaurant SONG OIF India, Singapore
• At the same year, he opens Gunpowder restaurant, among Ismaya Group, at Jakarta
• At 2020, he becomes Head Chef and co-owner of restaurant ADDA, Singapore

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Dimitris Pamporis is now at! Talented, creative, never stop seeking for new culinary adventures, always looks for evolution in both taste and optics, great in high culinary techniques, multi awarded, one of new generation chefs of Greek Gastronomy, that is truly worth being in the top rankings of the list of Greek Chefs.

Dimitris Pamporis started at culinary school, straight after graduated from high school, which was exactly what he wanted to do in his future. He started his career at hotel chain Grecotel, with final destinations Makedonia Palace and Mykonos Blu, where he got supervising positions at his early stages.

Afterwards, he took over as Executive Chef at Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa, where he was awarded with Greek Gastronomy Prize of Aegean Cuisine and with Greek breakfast Prize. At 2014, during his stay at this hotel, he earns his first Golden Hat award, where he got back at the next year also, among the Prize of Greek Cuisine.

At the same time, at Kos island, he was consulting at the hotel of the same chain, earning the Greek gastronomy Prize of Aegean Cuisine and during the winter time of the same year, he starts to teach at IEK Delta for culinary arts.
Wintertime of 2015-2016 he did a stage at restaurant Auberge de L’ill with 3*** Michelin stars and at the same wintertime, at January 2016, he cppked as a Guest Chef at Hangar 7 – Restaurant Ikarus Redbull, awarded with 2** Michelin stars.

Since 2016 and till nowadays, Dimitris Pamporis is Executive Chef at Ekies Resort 5* and he keeps teaching at IEK Delta till nowadays, starting also at 2016.

His awards at Ekies Resort as Executive Chef are:
• Golden Hat for restaurant Treehouse at 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021
• Greek Cuisine Award from Golden Hats awards for restaurant Bubo at 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021
• Top notch award for restaurant Bubo at 2020 & 2021
• FnL guide prize for restaurant Treehouse at 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
• FnL Guide prize for restaurant Bubo at 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

At 2017, he also cooked as Guest Chef at Chef Cache gastronomy festival, making a presentation of Greek Cuisine at Chefs Table.
Dimitris Pamporis is also R&D Chef of restaurant “Manitari” at Thessaloniki from 2010 till present, where during his presence there, won:
• Greek Cuisine Award from Golden Hats awards at 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 & 2021
• FnL Guide award at 2017, 2018 & 2019

Dimitris Pamporis also cooked in a very prestigious and famous event, at James Beard Foundation, NYC.

Since 2019, he is the Chef and Owner of Thessbao Project in Thessaloniki, which is a fine street food outlet that gives to residents of the city a new definition of what they had in their minds as street food, till that time and boost this food category in their minds.

His 3 favorite cookbooks are:
1. Thomas Keller – French laundry
2. Eleven Madison Park
3. Atelier Crenn

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Giorgos Avgeros is now at!

Part of new generation of Greek Pastry Chefs, considered as one of the best in Greece with creations that his clientele admires, both in view and taste. If someone sees his creations, can easily name him as an artist that inputs a lot of love in his job. Some of his theme concepts were fabulous and famous with great outcome, really deserved to be promoted worldwide.

As soon as Giorgos finished high school, he went to wooden sculpture school, at Kalabaka, where his knowledge there, allowed him to create all these masterpieces nowadays. Later on, graduated pastry school at IEK Delta, where he learnt all the basic needs that a post pastry chef will use at his armory.

While he was studying at pastry school, he took over as a dessert section supervisor at Cucina restaurant and his second year at pastry school he took over as head pastry at Yamas restaurant. As soon as he graduated, he continued as pastry chef at The Met Hotel, Thessaloniki, as pastry chef for two years. Afterwards he was consultant pastry chef at Nikopolis Hotel, Thessaloniki and at the same time he was technical consultant of pastry at Kanakis ABEE company.

Two years after, he took over Meli-Meli patisserie in Thessaloniki as a Pastry Chef and then as a Pastry Chef at Makedonia Palace hotel, Thessaloniki. During his presence in Makedonia Palace, he started teaching at IEK Delta, the art of pastry, where he remained for 3 academic years.

At 2017, he took over as Pastry Chef of Sani Club, at Sani Resort, Kassandra Chalkidiki, where he remains there till present. Last two years he also took over the position of Pastry Chef for the Patisserie, located in the Marina of the famous Resort.

At the same time, starting 2017, Giorgos has took over the consulting pastry chef role of the following outlets:
• Surfer Maya
• Estrella
• Ellyz Athens
• Florian desserts and more
• Mimis Patisserie Boulangerie
• Felice dessert boutique – Russia

Giorgos is a professional that always evolves and he likes implement new ideas and concepts and adapt them into his creations, that’s why he participated, both as attendant and speaker-guest in many pastry seminars.

Giorgos Avgeros has won the golden award in artistic chocolate compound at 2010, to the relevant Greek and Balkan competition.

He participated by crafting chocolate sculptures at chocolate museum at the theme park of chocolate factory at International Exhibition premises in Thessaloniki.

Three favorite pastry cookbooks of Giorgos Avgeros are:
1. Garuharu Tarts
2. Stephan Leroux – Blue
3. Ramon Morato files

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Panagiotis Giakalis is now at! Multi awarded chef with professional attitude and personality, left his own mark to Greek Gastronomy Scene, since his younger age and continuing nowadays the exceptional work without pause to evolve and develop his knowledge and techniques.

He grew up in Athens but his origin comes from Lesvos island, which influenced him a lot to his gastronomical identity. He was always seeking for new artistic adventures and was always in motion. He still believes that cooking and gastronomy is a piece of art!

His first cooking steps went through at Spondi, awarded with 2** Michelin stars, next to Arnaud Bignon, which defined him as a Chef. He co-operated with world class famous Chefs, such as Eric Frechon and Andrea Breton, where he equipped his armory with unique experiences.

After a short break at Bristol in Paris, he claimed his own spot in Greek gastronomy scene and awarded with numerous prizes and acknowledges and he also got the No8 position in the list with the most influential chefs of the last 10 years.

His longest partnership is with “The Margi” group, where he belongs since 2012 and he is in charge of restaurants Malabar & Patio and also of the off-hotel restaurants Krabo & Akti. He also belongs to the team of Okio, which was mentioned from Michelin guide and to the team of Idol in Santorini.

Finally, at 2021, he started a different journey, this of a teacher, to “Le Monde” culinary school, where he helps young ambitious chefs to follow their dreams and their goals and meet their expectations, being an true inspiration for them, since he has been awarded with Golden Hat and FnL awards in Greece since 2016 and many foreign references, like the one we mentioned above.

The three favorite cookbooks of Panagiotis Giakalis are:
1. Frantzen
2. The Nomad cookbook
3. Too many chefs only one Indian

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Panagiotis Tziourtzioumis is now at! it is our big pleasure to host Panagiotis at today’s presentation. He is a chef with great knowledge, techniques, experience from the highest level and with great taste. He is a chef with unique character, humble and a real professional.

Panagiotis started his career as a student at Sani Beach of Sani Resort. Then, he worked for four years at Starwood in Greece. After, we moved to Belgium, where he worked at Sheraton Brussels at “Le Concorde” fine dining restaurant, owned 4 Rossettes. Later, he worked at Nobu in Badrutt’s Palace Hotel at St. Moritz in Switzerland and Santa Marina in Mykonos which follows his comeback in Greece.

When Panagiotis left Mykonos, moved again abroad, at London, where he worked at Sheraton Park Lane of Starwood Hotels, as Sous Chef at the Italian-Mediterranean restaurant, “Citrus”.
After a couple of years, he moved to Greenhouse, a famous and awarded restraurant in London with one 1* Michelin star, where he became Junior Sous Chef.

Afterwards these three years of staying in UK, he moved back to Greece, where he worked at Inbi, both in Athens and Costa Navarino, as Executive Chef for six years.

Then, he took over as Executive Chef at famous Nammos in Mykonos and he also did the opening of Nammos Courchevel, in France. He remained at the same position for three years and then took over as Executive Chef at Belvedere Hotel in Mykonos and restaurant Matsuhisa, both in Mykonos and St. Moritz for another three years period of time.

Since May 2021 he is working for TEMES (owner of Costa Navarino and Hilton), as Head of Culinary for new concepts.

Panagiotis has done memorable stages abroad, such as Fat Duck with three 3*** Michelin stars at Bray, England, at Azurmendi, three 3*** Michelin stars at Bilbao, Spain for five months. At the same time he is travelling around the globe, trying to gain experience, knowledge and learn different cultures and flavours.

The three favorite cookbooks of Panagiotis Tziourtzioumis are:
1. Tout la Cuisine – Paul Bocuse
2. Dashi and Umami – The heart of Japanese Cuisine
3. Made in Italy – Giorgio Locatelli

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We are very happy and proud to welcome Dimitris Katrivesis at! Dimitris is a Chef with huge knowledge, experience in top restaurants worldwide, but at the same time he is a Chef that can be considered as a pioneer and with non-ending will and need to reveal new flavors and tastes.

He studied culinary art at 1996 in Athens.

His wish was to reveal more flavors and ingredients of the world and create a universal style of cooking without borders, which led him to travel for first time in Canary Islands, 2003.

At 2005, he joined Ferran Adria’s team at El Bulli, awarded with three 3*** Michelin Stars, the best restaurant in the world at that time. At 2006, he travelled to Paris and studied at Le Notre school, where he learn the basic pastry principles. Then he returned to Tenerife and opened his first restaurant Alkimia. At 2007, he opened Siphon. At 2010, he joined Albert Raurich’s team, at Dos Palillos, Barcelona, awarded with one 1* Michelin star.

At 2012, Dimitris, was seeking new ingredients and new flavors and he travelled to Tokyo, at three 3*** Michelin stars awarded restaurant, Ryugin, which held the 21st position at world ranking. At 2013, he moved to London, to fulfill his research at Nikkei Cuisine throughout the globe.

At 2014, he presents Nikkei Cuisine at Athens and since 2015, he develops many gastronomy projects worldwide, such as in Tulum, Paris and Monte Carlo.

Dimitris is currently the chef & owner of two Peruvian Pop-Up Restaurants, La Pantera Negra and Mistura. He is also the corporate executive chef of La Meat Maison.

Beside all the above, Dimitris felt that he needed to create something totally new and among his other loves like sun, bicycle, martial arts and of course his family and including his 25 years of experience, he created THAMA. This is how THAMA has been born. THAMA provides the perfect opportunity for a new creation in Greek gastronomical scene.

“The reason that I cook, is to make people happy. I welcome you to explore my world”.

Dimitris Katrivesis

The favorite cookbooks of Dimitris Katrivesis are:

1. “Peri fyton afigimata”

2. All about koji

3. Les dinners de gala by Salvador Dali

4. Etxebari cooking with fire

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It is our big honor to present today at, Yiannis Lucacos, a chef that he has left his mark at Greek gastronomy scene with his unique taste, professionalism, experience and knowledge.

Yiannis Lucacos has been born in Virginia, USA and grew up in Athens. He studied mechanical engineer in USA at Pennsylvania State University.

His first experience in kitchen was during his studies, where he worked in restaurants, in order to get a salary and also combine with the pleasure and love for cooking, which turned out that was more than a hobby and finally followed professionally.

He started his culinary studies at 1997 at Culinary Institute of America, one of the best Culinary school worldwide. He began with his internship at 5* Ηotel Phoenix, Arizona for two years.

Since he graduated, he worked at Waldorf Astoria hotel and at Park Avenue Café at Manhattan, New York. His experience in New York culinary scene was crucial for his evolution in cooking.

He came back to Greece at 2000, where he worked at Boschetto as a Sous Chef and later on he took over as Head Chef. At the same time from 2002 to 2004 he worked at Le Monde educational group. At 2004 he started working at Yes Hotels & Restaurants Group (Semiramis, Twentyone, Periscope) as Executive Chef. He created his own cooking style and achieved to be awarded at Eleftherotypia Gourmet awards at 2006 and 2007.

He was always chasing his own dream to open his own restaurant and for that purpose he stopped working at hotels at June of 2018, in order to open “Psomi & Alati” at Halandri, Athens, which is one of the most important professional goals since nowadays. Restaurants awards and milestones keep coming till nowadays.

At 2010, he was chosen among many other Greek Chefs, in order to participate as a judge, at TV show Masterchef. Due to big success of the show, Junior Masterchef followed.

At December 2010, Yiannis Lucacos publishes his first book “Psomi & Alati – The Cookbook”, which is based in his first restaurant’s philosophy. This book was a hit and awarded as the best cookbook of the year from Eleftherotypia Gourmet awards. At December 2011 he published his second book, “Chef from the beginning – for young and old children in the kitchen”, which is targeted to all amateur cooks of all ages.

At November 2011 he decided to share with his followers even more recipes by creating his own webpage, where chef provides with clarity and simplicity, recipes, techniques and guidelines to each visitor.

At March 2013, returns to TV and presents show “Dr. Cook”, where Chef takes over as a cook teacher and teaches to a group of 5 celebrities basic cooking theory and techniques.

His love for teaching and his successful transmission to pass over knowledge drove him to create one more of his dreams, where since summer 2013, operates as a seminar area, The Seminar Project at Halandri, Athens, providing services that make the difference. Through hands-on classes with live participation, provides to visitors pleasant and creative cooking techniques, share knowledge and open new gastronomical horizons.

At 2014 & 2015 summers he expanded off Athens, where he took over the operation management of “Rampagas” restaurant in Sifnos island with great success and feedback. From January to December 2015 he collaborates with TGIF Group Greece, where he upgrades several dishes of their menus and creates new ones and successful.

At March 2015, begins the streaming of TV Show “Just Cooking”, where through 30min series, he presents easy and pioneer recipes. Beside presenter he took over also the production part, since shootings take place at The Seminar Project.

At June 2016 he concludes his collaboration with Cyprian group “Zorpas”, which owns over 50 bakeries around the island. This collaboration brought an upgrade to all 15 kitchens that exist at those bakeries and brought Cyprian people to meet and taste his creations. His 20 signature dishes enriched those menus and provided with a magnificent tasty outcome.

Awards and milestones of Yiannis Lucacos:

· Semiramis Restaurant 2006 & 2007, 1st award of Gourmet Eleftherotypia

· Psomi & Alati 2009, 1st award at category Bistrot, Gourmet Eleftherotypia

· Psomi & Alati The Cookbook 2011, best cookbook award, Gourmet Eleftherotypia

· Psomi & Alati 2012, Greek Cuisine Award, Golden Hats

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We are very happy to present to you today, at, Chef Stephen Toman, chef & owner of multi-awarded restaurant OX at Belfast, N. Ireland. Stephen is a great Chef, with great techniques and creative dishes, full of taste and multi-awarded, such as a Michelin Star that he gained at 2016 and maintain it every year.

Chef owner Stephen Toman started his career in his home-town of Belfast before being bitten by the travelling bug. With experience gained over years of travelling, from 5-star resorts in America to Michelin starred kitchens of Paris, including Taillevent, Stephen eventually returned home. Annual trips back to stage in the kitchens of Paris allowed a wealth of ideas to percolate and mature, culminating in the opening of OX in 2013 with friend and former colleague Alain Kerloch.

At OX the focus is on seasonal creativity; using fantastic local produce, presenting it to you in an imaginative way and letting the ingredients shine.

Awards & milestones of Chef & restaurant, among others:
• Best newcomer Chef, 2013
• CNN Travel, Where to eat in Ireland, 2014
• OAD Top 115 European Restaurants
• World’s top 50, Diners Club, top 10 most exciting restaurants, 2015
• Sunday Times, 100 best restaurants UK, 2015
• Irish Times, Best Restaurant Ireland, 2015
• Conde Nast Traveller, list of hotrest restaurants, 2016
• Best wine experience, Antrim RAI, 2016
• Restaurant of the year UK, the good food guide, 2016
• Best Chef, Antrim Rai, 2018
• Food and Wine Magazine, Restaurant of the year – Ireland, 2018/2019
• 50 Best Restaurants in the world, Best Discovery, 2019
• La Liste, Best Restaurants in the world: 84.5, 2020
• Georgina Campbell, Chef of the year – Stephen Toman, 2020
• Best Chef Stephen Toman, Best Restaurant, Best Wine experience, RAI Antrim

The three favourite cookbooks of Stephen Toman are:
• Bras – Michel Bras
• Girardet – Fredy Girardet
• White Heat – Marco Pierre White

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We are very happy to present to you today, at, Vasilis Akrivos, chef & owner of “Psariston”, “Gidi”, “Aiolou 68” and Saltybone in Athens & Santorini. Vasilis is a remarkable, full of imagination and creativeness Chef, where someone can find into his dishes, the reflection of his creativity, the richness of his flavours and his powerful and at the same time simple gastronomical character. Being a person who loves travelling, Vasilis goes around the globe, in order to taste each areas and countries goods, gain experiences, follow and update the latest trends, being at culinary seminars and later on, all these info to be combined into the canvas of his brain and present them to his restaurants.

He was born in Athens and he is self-taught cook. His first attempt was when he took over, along his brother, “Agistri”, where he trained himself to be able to make it over to restaurant’s needs, by serving from each post, while he was trained to sea food and fishes next to fishermen in islands. His alternative way of cooking made him talk of the town last years with his unique cooking approach.

Psariston first opened at 2000, in New Irakleio in Athens, where having the best choices of fresh fish and sea food, both in simple and fusion versions.
At 2016, he opens “Aiolou 68” with Cycladic aura, where he dedicates his menu at surf & turf, the combination of fish and sea food with meat. At 2017, he proceeds with a new addition, by opening “Gidi” at Metamporpfosi, Athens. “Gidi” is dedicated to meat and reintroduces the classic meat taverns into 21st century, providing a nostalgic approach to.

His final project is Saltybone in Santorini, where since 2019 he tries to fill in the gap between the old classic taverns of the island and the new contemporary restaurants.
During 2017, 2018 and 2019, “Psariston” awarded from the gastronomical audience for Tasty guide, where was first at category Fish & Sea Food. At 2019, “Gidi” also awarded at the same competition, the second place at category Meat and more Meat.

At 2018, Vasilis is the TV presenter of the show Black Fat Rabbit, from Nova cable TV, which was dedicated in street food.
Finally, at 2015 he publishes a book under the name “Syn Ousies”.

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We are very happy to present to you today, at, Dimitris Dimitriadis, one of the best Greek Chefs. An amazing character with exceptional capabilities. Dimitris likes a lot to blend the Greek Cuisine with a more creative way, always maintaining aromas and flavours from our childhood into his dishes.

He is one of the most famous and well known chefs in Greece. His career evolution was not a surprise, because his devotion and his passion in what he does, are his guardian angels. He born in Larisa and he studied culinary arts and gastronomy at Rodos Touristic Education School.

His internship next to famous Chefs defined his path and his acknowledges. He cooperated as Head Chef in many awarded restaurants both in Greece and abroad.

During those collaborations he learnt many things for international cuisines, high level techniques and trends. Since 2015, he is co-operating at Artisanal Bar-Restaurant in Kifisia, Athens, Greece. His profession being influenced from his family and his grandparents, since they were farmers and he spend a lot of time next to them.

This was the reason that he showed great respect and interest to local products of Greece. He knew since his childhood, which was his goal and where he wanted to go – to the top, because he loves and believes in what he is doing, which is creating unique tastes from exceptional local ingredients.



His acknowledges and awards:

2002: Golden Hat from Athinorama for restaurant Dionysos (Chef de Partie)
2003: Michelin star and Golden Hat for Hytra Restaurant (Sous Chef)
2005: Golden Hat from Ahinorama for restaurant Byblos in Porto Sani (Head Chef)
2006: Golden Hat from Athinorama for Restaurant Byblos in Porto Sani (Head Chef)
2011: Best Greek Cuisine Awards from magazine NEXT and Athinorama and Golden Hat from Athinorama for restaurant Cibus (Head Chef)

2013: Best Greek Cuisine award from magazine NEXT and Athinorama – Golden Hat award from Athinorama for restaurant Hytra (Chef de Cuisine)

2014: Best Greek Cuisine award from magazine NEXT and Athinorama – Golden Hat from Athinorama for restaurant Galazia Hytra (Head Chef)


The three favorite cookbooks of Dimitris Dimitriadis are:

  1. Grand Livre de Cuisine – Alain Ducasse
  2. Eleven Park Madison – Daniel Humm
  3. The square – Phil Howard


Follow Dimitris Dimitriadis at social media:



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We are very happy to present Vasilis Mouratidis at! Vasilis is a great chef with amazing techniques and fabulous taste. He has a great character which differentiates him and he loves always to be evolved and meet new things and culinary techniques.

He started his culinary school at his early age, since he knew that this is what he wants to do. The same time he started with his internship at Makedonia Palace, 5* hotel in Thessaloniki. Then he worked in Den Haag in Holland at “La Tour” restaurant, awarder with one 1* Michelin star.

He returned to Greece and he worked at “Fred & Ginger” restaurant at Lazaristes, 5* hotel in Thessaloniki. Then he left again for Holland, where he worked at Amsterdam for “La Rive” restaurant, awarded with 2** Michelin stars and with Executive Chef Edwin Kats.

Then, he moved to Parkheuvel, awarded with 3*** Michelin stars in Rotterdam, where he worked next to Cees Helder, Executive Chef. Then he came back to Thessaloniki and worked at Kempinski Hotel at restaurant “Da Vinci” as Sous Chef.

Then he took over as Chef de cuisine at Danai Resort where he showed amazing professionalism, great outcome and had successful feedback from guests for his tasty dishes, something that opened the door to him, in order to take over as an Executive Chef of the hotel from 2014 till present.

Vasilis was judge-mentor at TV show “Game of Chefs” during last winter, where among Aggelos Lantos and Adam Kontovas, achieved great numbers and earned successful feedback from the audience.

Vasilis owns numerous of awards and acknowledges throughout all those years, Golden Hat awards and FnL awards.

At the following days, Vasilis Mouratidis will open a bar-restaurant, under the name Moldee at the center of Thessaloniki, which aims to become the leader of gastronomical and cosmopolitan culture of the city.

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Today we will try to proceed with a different approach regarding chefs presentations. We will try a unique approach – presentation, which aims to point out the great character, the career path and the skills of Sotiris Contizas, through a more “narrative” view and tone, a reflection of reality through facts and images of our personal relation, since 2016.

It was the end of the winter of 2016 when my phone rang, and I got informed that tomorrow Sotiris Contizas will visit me in my office. He was one of the participant chefs that will join Sani Gourmet festival for this year. The next day indeed, a tall guy comes up and introducing to me. I had already made my research and learnt about him by getting really positive feedback from our chef Katsu, that they have been working together in Nobu, Athens. He provided me with the best comments regarding his skills and character.

His first professional-owned step had already began, through Nolan restaurant in Athens, where now exists in Michelin Guide of Athens, awarded with Bib Gourmand.

All our conversation was to the point, starting from supplying and logistic procedures, till, the menu and chinaware that his exceptional dishes will be served on. Then we continued with a small tour to the Marina of this famous resort.
I remember strongly that beside the fact that he came to discuss regarding organization and back office details, he was wearing his culinary shirt and he owned a backpack for which I am totally sure that, even if I never saw what was inside, it would have included culinary essentials than one day trip ones.

The time had arrived and Sotiris came back to Chalkidiki and Sani Resort, in order to participate at Sani Gourmet, where he truly earned the best of feedback for his dishes, his taste, his character and his calmness. During the Sani Gourmet party, I remember that next to his station, among the rest of the participant chefs, there were the two most important supporters – till that time – of his life, his wife and his daughter, who was at the stroller at that time, not almost a lady that she is today.

At the end of the summer we learn that Sotiris will take place as a judge at Masterchef TV series, something that we now all know what it means. We contacted him to congratulate and we noticed that he was also happy and at the same time restrained, as always, most probably due to the anxiety of being in TV for first time, for which I am sure that now that he reads those lines, he would be smiling at.
Sotiris has a successful presence at this show and now he is for all Greek people a strict chef and at the same time, a great character, skilled chef, totally professional.

His co-existence with Chrisoforos Peskias at “48” as an intern, was very important for his career. After “48”, Sotiris worked at Nobu, Athens and then he worked again with Chrstoforos Peskias as Chef de Cuisine in first opened “Πbox”, Kifisia, Athens.
Then he went to Copenhagen for stages to awarded with 3*** Michelin Stars Geranium & in Studio and afterwards he worked at Ledbury in London, number 10 at 50 Best Restaurants worldwide at that time. Ledbury, as he says, is the most hardcore kitchen he ever worked at. Based on all this experiences, his childhood memories and Greek-Japanese origin, Sotiris creates dishes unique with his own way of cooking to be really obvious.

His second gastronomical child is Proveleggios in Keramikos, Athens, which opened at the end of 2019, a totally different concept than Nolan, a lab as he says, with back to basics philosophy. During the quarantine he run a project called PS Luncheon, where he included into the entre menu, three kits DIY, where customers could create those dishes based on the instructions provided into the package, into their own kitchen.

The last professional child of Sotiris is the sweetest of all, the Sweet Nolan, an ode to desserts, always through Sotiris’ view, memories and tastes, which also located in Athens.As a final outcome of all the above mentioned, cannot be overviewed the knowledge he got from Panteio University, Athens, at Department of Economic and Regional Development.

PS: I would like to share a memory with you, when we met again last year, after a while, during the final of Masterchef shooting at Sani Resort, when he approached me during a meal and told me: “I am sure that now you are counting all the dishes that coming out of the kitchen, in order to calculate the cost in the end”.

Sotiris three favorite cookbooks are:
• Momofuku – David Chang & Peter Meehan
• On Food and Cooking: the Science and Lore of the Kitchen – Harold McGee
• Flour Water Salt Yeast – Ken Forkish

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We are delightful and honoured to present today, Sotiris Evaggelou at . Sotiris Evaggelou is the Executive Chef of Makedonia Palace in Thessaloniki, and he is the one that left his footprint at culinary scene of Greece as, most probably, the ultimate ambassador of Greek Culinary scene. All the culinary and gastronomy community pays their respect and admiration throughout the country, which shows his value and work outcome of all these years. His amazing taste, full of flavours and his simplicity, as main characteristics, among his excellent presentation and authenticity of his character, brought those results and establishment throughout those years.

Sotiris Evaggelou, born in the town of Tyrnavos, a place filled with gastronomic treasures. With a unique and charismatic sense of taste, talent in execution and an impeccable work ethic, he managed to turn his teenage dream into a successful career!

Over the course of almost four decades in the industry, he has developed a unique and characteristic culinary style. His mentality and personality call for trust and respect, leaving an important imprint to the generations to come.

He is a distinguished chef with a long career path in the world of gastronomy and hospitality, who studied at the culinary school of Alain Ducasse in Paris.

Shortly after, he was chosen to work at Ducasse’s restaurants all over the world; in Monaco, in Marseille and Provence. After that, his career really took off with his later cooperation with the Plaza D’ Athénée in Paris.

Coming back to Greece, at the age of 28 years old, he became the youngest executive chef at Makedonia Palace in Thessaloniki. As an Executive chef, he then took over the kitchens of renowned hotels such as the Athenaeum, the InterContinental, the King George, the Grand Bretagne and last but not least, his starting point, the Makedonia Palace.


Sotiris Evaggelou is a living proof that Greek gastronomy is on a high level and is qualitatively progressing from year to year. With the utmost respect to the culinary rules and values, with a deep knowledge to the Greek culinary traditions, he is creating new dishes featuring a modern and innovative content.

In order to change and improve the “traditional” dishes, deep knowledge is required. Knowledge that comes with experience by simplifying the cooking procedures, using new techniques and ingredients. As such, each dish is taking off to a new dimension of flavours.


“You cant become a chef within two years. The chef’s title is earned with knowledge, constant development and work experience”.

Sotiris Evaggelou strongly believes that progress comes from hard work.

He has managed to get to the top, and has chosen to cook his most heartfelt dishes. He hasn’t stop learning , not one day, while listening to every single person in his team, from the kitchen assistant to his chef. Behind every achievement there is a team of people and in his case, his brigata!




“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “SALONICA”, MAKEDONIA PALACE



“TOQUES D’OR” award, for the restaurant “SALONICA”, MAKEDONIA PALACE



“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “SALONICA”, MAKEDONIA PALACE



“FNL BEST RESTAURANT” award, for the restaurant “SALONICA” Restaurant, MAKEDONIA PALACE




“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “ROOF GARDEN”, Hotel Grande Bretagne

“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “TUDOR HALL”, KING GEORGE Hotel Athens


“FNL BEST RESTAURANT” award, for the restaurant “ROOF GARDEN”, Hotel Grande Bretagne

“FNL BEST RESTAURANT” award, for the restaurant “TUDOR HALL”, KING GEORGE Hotel Athens


“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “ROOF GARDEN”, Hotel Grande Bretagne

“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “TUDOR HALL”, KING GEORGE Hotel Athens


“FNL BEST RESTAURANT” award, for the restaurant “ROOF GARDEN”, Hotel Grande Bretagne

“FNL BEST RESTAURANT” award, for the restaurant “TUDOR HALL”, KING GEORGE Hotel Athens


“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “TUDOR HALL”, KING GEORGE Hotel Athens


“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “TUDOR HALL”, KING GEORGE Hotel Athens



“Special Award for the contribution in Progress and Promotion of Greek Cuisine” by ATHINORAMA GUIDE, Hotel Grande Bretagne


“CONTEMPORARY GREEK CUISINE” award, for the restaurant “GB CORNER”, Hotel Grande Bretagne


“CONTEMPORARY GREEK CUISINE” award, for the restaurant “GB CORNER”, Hotel Grande Bretagne


“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “Premiere”, InterContinental Athenaeum Athens Ηotel


“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “Premiere” , InterContinental Athenaeum Athens Ηotel


“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “Premiere”, InterContinental Athenaeum Athens Ηotel


“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “Premiere”, InterContinental Athenaeum Athens Ηotel


“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “Premiere”, InterContinental Athenaeum Athens Ηotel


GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “Premiere”, InterContinental Athenaeum Athens Ηotel


“GOLDEN CHEF HAT” award, for the restaurant “TUDOR HALL”, KING GEORGE PALACE Hotel


















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This particular article that you are reading, is one of the ones that we write, among great joy, happiness and many emotions to fulfill our writing. That’s most probably happening because Chronis is among Giannis Parikos, Dimitris Dimitradis and Chrysanthos Karamolegkos, the first Chefs and friends that we shared many experiences, knowledge, thoughts, ideas and many more. Chronis the one with such a unique character that differentiates him from the others, talented, creative, with exceptional taste.

He was born in Chios and in his very young ages, just 15 years old he went to USA, where cooking waken up its magic into him. He came back to America few years later where he studied at CIA (Culinary Institute of America) of NYC and worked at Milos restaurant of Kostas Spiliadis. Afterwards, he worked at Nobu, still in young ages, where the spark and passion for Japanese Cuisine lighten up. Since then, he has been evolved this Cuisine in Greece and provided amazing dishes.

He has been worked in Zuma Dubai, Nobu Mykonos, Le Moulin de Mougin in France with 2** Michelin stars, in Barasategui & Arzan in Spain with 3*** Michelin stars, at La Via Romana in Italy and in Greece, at Sea You Up in Sani Resort, at 48 of Christoforos Peskias, at Apla Aristera Dexia of Chrysantos Karamolegkos and Varoulko 1* Michelin star of Lefteris Lazarou. He also worked in Gaspar and Kiku in Athens, at Izakaya at the same city and in Cavo Tagoo, both in Mykonos & Santorini, among Naos restaurant at the same island.

Chronis has been invited in many culinary TV shows, both as a guest and as a host chef. He is really active and always seeking for new products and ideas, where, if he really likes them, could be their ambassador, both in Greece and abroad. He was also participated as guest chef in many gastronomical events both in Greece and abroad. He has been awarded with several Golden Hat awards and FnL stars.

Follow Chronis Damalas at social media:

Akira Back is now at! We are so pleased and honoured to present the Michelin awarded, celebrity Chef Akira Back, through his career path from early stages, till nowadays that he is owner of a restaurants chain around the globe.

Akira Back, the name that is synonymous for cutting cuisine and exquisite taste in the restaurant and hospitality industry. A first-class and world-renowned idealist who is a revered chef and has triumphantly built a global empire over the past two decades spawning 25 cutting edge locations operating around the world with more on the horizon. In addition to his lengthy resume and accolades that continue to mount, Back is persistently on the forefront of innovation and artistry.


Born in Seoul, Korea and raised in Aspen, Colorado, Akira Back moved to the rocky mountain state at the age of 15-years-old for his father to pursue the family business. Back picked up snowboarding as a hobby which led him to pursue the professional circuit where he appeared in a handful of extreme sports movies and garnered praise from the sports top trade publications. During this time, Back began working at a local Japanese restaurant to supplement his income.  After seven years on the pro-snowboarding circuit, Back realized that he felt the same thrill in the kitchen as he did on his board, shaping his decision to pursue a full-time culinary career.

Back attended and completed his cooking education at the International Culinary School at The Art Institute based in Colorado, establishing the framework of his technique and amplifying his knowledge of Asian cooking, allowing him to incorporate his artistic vision and Korean heritage. Combining his passions for adventure, travel and culinary exploration, Chef Back opened the world renown Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge located inside the Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

His repertoire of restaurants includes, Akira Back, his namesake restaurant, known for its limitless creativity in reshaping modern Japanese dining to create a distinguished experience, continues to span across the globe with locations in Paris, Dubai, Toronto, Singapore, Istanbul, Doha, Marrakech, Dallas, Delray Beach, Bangkok, Hanoi, Seoul, Riyadh with new venues on the cusp in London, San Francisco, Boise, Bali, Jakarta and Florence planned within the next 2 years.


Chef Back’s strategic partnerships have emerged new creations including his revolutionary restaurant located in Beverly Hills, ABSteak, that is a modern Korean BBQ steakhouse with new locations sprouting soon in London, San Francisco, and Riyadh. Another distinctive concept, ABar, is located in Bangkok and opening soon in London features an artistic cocktail program with a contemporary approach to the classics and avant-guard masterpieces. DOSA, Chef Back’s Michelin star award-winning concept is moving from Seoul, Korea to London, England. At North Island, Seychelles, a private luxury resort, Chef Back has taken the helm of wielding the island’s culinary experience overseeing all dining aspects.


In addition to his restaurant Dosa winning a Michelin Star, Chef Back has had the distinct honor of participating at prestigious James Beard House dinners over 10 times. He has cooked for dignitaries across the globe including the Dalai Lama, Bill Clinton, the royal family of England, Prime Ministers, Sheiks, Presidents, and limitless celebrities. Chef Akira Back has had extensive broadcast experience, appearing on Food Network’s “Iron Chef America”. Chef Back has also been seen on NBC’s “The Today Show,” Food Network’s “Best Thing I Ever Ate,” The Cooking Channel’s “United Tastes of America,” as well as KBS’ “Success Mentor” which airs in Korea.

Follow Chef Akira Back at social media and visit his website, through the below links:

Αύξησε την επιθυμία σου για μάθηση
Increase you learning desire
Πηγή: 150 συμβουλές για σωστό μάνατζμεντ – Harvard Business Review
Source: 150 management tips – Harvard Business Review

Βελτίωσε τα αδύνατα σημεία σου
Improve your weaknesses
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Source: 150 management tips – Harvard Business Review

Να δέχεσαι την κριτική
Be open to criticism
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Source: 150 management tips – Harvard Business Review

Διαχειρίσου την ενέργειά σου
Manage your energy levels
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Συνδύασε την δημιουργικότητα με αποτελέσματα
Combine creativity with results
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Source: 150 management tips – Harvard Business Review

Source: 150 management tips – Harvard Business Review
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Teach your brain to predict and prevent
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Να έχεις αυτοπεποίθηση αλλά όχι απόλυτη σιγουριά
Be confident, but not strictly sure
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Εξάλειψε τους νοητικoύς φραγμούς σου
Eliminate your mental borders
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Πούλα τον εαυτό σου με τον σωστό τρόπο
Promote yourself with the appropriate way
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Ζήτα αύξηση μισθού
Request salary increase
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Έλεγξε το άγχος της προαγωγής
Control the promotion stress
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Να ηγείσαι με αυτοπεποίθηση
Lead with confidence
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Δώσε στους ανθρώπους σου οτι χρειάζονται
Provide to your people what they need
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Βελτίωσε την απόδοση της ομάδας σου
Improve your team’s performance
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Υποστήριξε τους ανθρώπους σου
Support your people
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Κάνε ένα δυο λαθάκια
Make one or two minor mistakes
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Να συγχωρείς αλλά να μην ξεχνάς
Forgive but don’t forget
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Δημιούργησε μια κουλτούρα εμπιστοσύνης
Create a trustful culture
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Να επιλύεις τις συγκρούσεις
Solve the conflicts
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Δώσε κίνητρα για πραγματικές αλλαγές
Provide motivation for real changes
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Μην κοινοποιείς μόνο, να εξηγείς
Explain, don’t just notify
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Εστίασε στην ανάπτυξη των υπαλλήλων και δώσε εξουσία
Focus on employees’ personal development and share authorization
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Απαλλάξου από την αρνητικότητα
Get rid of negativity
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Πολέμα την αντίσταση στην αλλαγή
Fight for the resistance of change
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Μην αποφεύγεις το ρίσκο
Do not avoid risks
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Προετοιμάσου για μια κρίση
Be prepared for a crisis
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Αξιοποίησε αποτελεσματικότερα τις δαπάνες του μάρκετινγκ
Reclaim more sufficient your marketing costs
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Χτίσε δυνατές συνεργασίες
Build powerful collaborations
Πηγή: 150 συμβουλές για σωστό μάνατζμεντ – Harvard Business Review
Source: 150 management tips – Harvard Business Review

Επένδυσε σωστά στα μέσα κοινωνικής δικτύωσης
Invest wisely at social media
Πηγή: 150 συμβουλές για σωστό μάνατζμεντ – Harvard Business Review
Source: 150 management tips – Harvard Business Review

Μίλα αποτελεσματικά
Speak efficiently
Πηγή: 150 συμβουλές για σωστό μάνατζμεντ – Harvard Business Review
Source: 150 management tips – Harvard Business Review

Απλοποίησε τα πράγματα
Make things simple
Πηγή: 150 συμβουλές για σωστό μάνατζμεντ – Harvard Business Review
Source: 150 management tips – Harvard Business Review